Dr. Suvarna Mahadasyam

I am from G. Sigadam village (in Srikakulam district), Andhra Pradesh. I grew up with motivation to serve the mankind with compassion and became the first woman to become a doctor in my family.

While I was practicing gynecology in India, my family and I moved to the USA to support my husband’s career. In the USA, I have practiced family medicine, serving newborn to elderly including pregnant women as an academic physician for 5 years at a top medical institution in Houston, Texas. Currently, I am practicing general medicine in a hospital setting.

My passion to serve people of my Motherland drew me to volunteer in AAVGF. I enjoy working with a community of motivated physicians and support groups who share my passion. I am grateful to my husband and children who encourage me to volunteer. I hope to serve to the best of my ability in this journey.

Small Actions Lead To Big changes,