Mr. Badarinadh Vissapragada

Mr. Badarinadh Vissapragada is a founding member of the “Adopt A Village Global Foundation”. Prior to retiring, he was the Director of Research at Schlumberger Doll Research Center, Cambridge, USA.  Even through his busy career, his sense of philanthropy and community service were strong. He was a founder of the “Sruthilayalu” organization (, which promotes Carnatic music and Kuchipudi dance art forms. These events are themed on famous composers of Carnatic music and are hosted in Boston, with participation from all around New England.
His sense of charity and community service is derived from his roots. Born in a small village Thondangi in Andhra Pradesh, he has first-hand understanding of the current resources and required amenities of Indian villages. While there are lot of technological advancement, and everyone may have a cell phone, they are lacking some basic medical tools such as thermometers, pulse oximeters, and access to blood draws. They have TVs and cell towers but no qualified physician nor access to a basic hospital facility. The suffering of villagers during this COVID pandemic has invoked our inner sense of duty and responsibility. With like-minded people, Badarinadh co-founded this organization “Adopt A Village Global Foundation” with the mission and vision to empower villages to withstand these challenges. With many highly qualified doctors from UK, USA and India being part of this initiative, he is confident of addressing the myriad of issues through sustainable solutions.


Small Actions Lead To Big changes,